Travel Nouveau

Travel (verb): to go on a trip or journey : to go to a place

Nouveau(adjective): newly arrived or developed

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

Traveling is near and dear to our hearts. We have been to some pretty cool & exciting places and we would love to share our adventures with you! Come check out some of the travel adventures we’ve been on!

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  • Everyone should be THIS happy on their wedding day.
  • In this grand place where blue skies touch blue water. I'm in vacation heaven.
  • Sitting amongst the clouds

We are enjoying some much needed time away from the hustle & bustle of everyday life. Vacations are good for the mind and necessary for the soul. We've been relaxing, having fun & taking lots of pictures. I'm interested to see what else we can get into.
  • I was going through old photos and came across this gem of my little one when he was much smaller. I've been staring into these eyes since day one.
  • Can I bottle up all this joy and save it for a rainy day?!
  • New Beginnings

Where one journey ends, a new one begins. Babies are always a wonderful adventure and such precious gifts.
  • You can find the most interesting things if you take the time to look. While on a shoot one day, I stopped to adjust my settings and saw this guy sitting in between some flowers. I pulled my camera up to my eye, took a picture and then just like that... he hopped away. To me, this is what photography is all about, capturing those fleeting moments before they go away.
  • I was definitely not this cool or model-esque when I was in high school.