Been Gone For a Minute but I’m Back Again

I admit it.. I’ve been a bad blogger in the past. Soooooooo… to anyone who reads my blog I offer you my sincerest apologies. Things were in a state of flux while I tried to figure out exactly what direction I wanted my business to go in.

For awhile, I distanced myself completely from doing weddings opting instead to refer these individuals to some of my colleagues who specialized in this type of photography. I became a full time portrait photographer however, like a long lost lover, wedding photography began seeping back into my life. It started as doing a favor for a friend then morphed into some second shooting and now… Saadia Me’Chel Photography is booking weddings again under its own moniker. I told myself that if I ever started shooting weddings again it would be on my own terms. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m eternally grateful for every couple who has ever allowed me the distinct privilege of capturing their wedding day. It’s something I don’t take lightly. However as I’ve grown as a photographer and as an artist I’ve decided that when shooting weddings I have to allow my voice, my perspective, my style to shine through.

In the past I thought shooting weddings meant I had to sacrifice my creativity (which is what drove me away from weddings in the first place). I’ve since realized that it isn’t an either or situation when it comes to shooting weddings. Granted there is a certain “formula” to shooting weddings but there is also a lot of room to be creative as well. The true key is finding the right clients who believe in what I do and will allow me the freedom to create the type of images that are representative of who I am as a photographer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met some great couples lately who understand me as a person as an artist. It’s amazing how they are onboard with my vision. I’m honestly humbled by it all. I’m really looking forward to working with these couples in 2014. I’m excited about the direction that Saadia Me’Chel Photography (Weddings) will be taking. Who knew I could find so many people who are as quirky, fun and artistic as I am?

Somebody pinch me!

Since no post on this blog is complete without a picture, I’ll leave you with this image:

saadia mechel photography wedding photography minnesota wedding mary and alain

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