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I am an Atlanta based, wedding photographer but more importantly I am an artist. I believe that there is beauty in everything and that life, itself, is beautiful in all of its uncertainty. My camera serves as a powerful tool, allowing me to express my creativity in amazing, sometimes unconventional ways. I am able to use the medium of photography to capture the magnificence and beauty of the world as well as the people in it. I look forward to meeting you, reading your comments, and sharing my work with you. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I hope you come back soon and often! To book the studio email us at

~Saadia Me*Chel

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Monday Musings | Chasing Pipe Dreams

Somebody told me something very disturbing…

“Get a real job and stop chasing a pipe dream.”


At the time, I must say I was very upset by this. I mean, how dare you tell me to get a “real” job. What quantifies a real job anyway? 9-5? Working 40 hours? Working for someone else? Steady income? I don’t know. If anyone can tell me I would greatly appreciate it. At any rate, I proceeded to tell the person where they could shove it… okay… not really, I did however tell them that I AM in full control of MY life and to trust me when I say I’m not chasing a “pipe dream.”

After our conversation I decided to look up pipe dream. A pipe dream is defined as an unrealistic hope or fantasy. Nothing about me being a photographer, an artist, a business owner, a graphic designer reads as an unrealistic hope or fantasy. I mean, just for the simple fact that I’m doing it makes it realistic… it is happening, right now… it is REAL. You can’t always believe everything you hear. People are always going to have an opinion about what you are doing (or not doing). The only thing I can do is be me. I’ve never been good at trying to be someone else or being something I’m not. As I told this person the other day, I know the plans God has for me. Plans to prosper me and to give me hope in my final outcome (Jeremiah 29:11). I got this… how about you worry about you?

~Saadia Me’Chel

Here are some (a)musing things for you to enjoy:

A white board, some nails and a single unbroken black thread by Kumi Yamashita…..just amazing. I seriously blown away by this.

I love the digital photography school blog. You can find answers to almost any question you have. Good resource!

I found a great website that has numerous website & blog templates at a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for some options I’d say definitely check them out!

I have to admit, these Google glasses seem pretty darn cool. It’s amazing where technology has gone.

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