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I am an Atlanta based, wedding photographer but more importantly I am an artist. I believe that there is beauty in everything and that life, itself, is beautiful in all of its uncertainty. My camera serves as a powerful tool, allowing me to express my creativity in amazing, sometimes unconventional ways. I am able to use the medium of photography to capture the magnificence and beauty of the world as well as the people in it. I look forward to meeting you, reading your comments, and sharing my work with you. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I hope you come back soon and often! To book the studio email us at

~Saadia Me*Chel

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Monday Musings | Go With the Flow

I have been fighting against a lot of things in my life at the moment. It is utterly exhausting. I’m not quite sure why I put myself through so much torture. I am truly learning the art of letting go and letting things just be. Sometimes you gotta just go with the flow…




 Ah, fashion photography… how I love the! I really like this image by David Olkarny

Pretty loneliness


I look at this guys work and think to myself, “Hmmmm… I really need to take my self-portrait photography to the next level!”

Another great image by Joel Robinson.

A Getaway Plan



Life’s little extras are grand!

It’s good to differentiate yourself from the competition. I mean Apple is number one for a reason right?!

Need inspiration? Here are 101 ways to find inspiration.

I really love interior design. I spend a lot of time watching HGTV. Design Sponge further feeds this interest of mine.

I’m kinda obsessed with typography. 40 remarkable examples of typography design.


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2 Responses to “Monday Musings | Go With the Flow”

  1. I'm learning to just go with the flow. Check out my Monday Musings this week.

  2. Tangie says:

    Great post! And yes, sometimes we have to just go with the flow.


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