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I am an Atlanta based, wedding photographer but more importantly I am an artist. I believe that there is beauty in everything and that life, itself, is beautiful in all of its uncertainty. My camera serves as a powerful tool, allowing me to express my creativity in amazing, sometimes unconventional ways. I am able to use the medium of photography to capture the magnificence and beauty of the world as well as the people in it. I look forward to meeting you, reading your comments, and sharing my work with you. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I hope you come back soon and often! To book the studio email us at

~Saadia Me*Chel

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Friday Flicks | Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Alright, as cheesy as this movie sounds I was actually pretty excited to see it. Although it was not the best movie I’ve seen this summer, it was quite entertaining. Being someone that likes history, I was impressed with how closely the movie stayed to the history of Abraham Lincoln’s life. It almost seemed like the vampire stuff was an afterthought which I kinda liked. Now don’t get me wrong, there was vampire slaying and Mr. Lincoln had some very impressive moves. He was swinging that ax around like a pro! Overall, I think if you like history with a little vampire twist you’ll enjoy this movie. The added bonus is that it was produced by Tim Burton (who I absolutely love!). I give this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars because like I said, it isn’t the best thing I’ve seen but it was entertaining enough. Also, for the movie to tote “vampire hunter” in the title I expected a lot of vampire related madness and that simply was not the case. Strikes me a little as false advertising. Just my two cents. Anyway, I didn’t feel compelled to ask for my money back so that’s always a good sign.

~ Saadia Me’Chel

I just learned this movie is based on a book so maybe I’ll go read the book now. Maybe… 

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