Easy Like Sunday Morning

Sundays are for relaxing… chilling… cleaning and… taking it easy. Just like Lionel Richie says, “easy like Sunday morning.” Sundays are also really good for taking pictures. Especially when there is dreamy winter light flooding through your bedroom windows.

My son happens to be one of my most favorite people of all time! As his mother and as a photographer, you can just imagine the TONS of pictures I have of my little guy. As he grows, I want to capture all the fleeting moments of his life that sadly seem to go by WAY too quickly unfortunately. The good thing is that he is so accustomed to having his picture taken that he gladly obliges me when I want to take a few pictures of him. Yesterday was no exception…he happily smiled and posed for me so I could capture all his 2-year old goodness. As I looked through the pictures on my computer screen I was mixed with both sadness and joy. All I could think was, “stop growing little one, you’re moving WAY too fast! But I’m loving being a part of your journey!

~ Saadia Me’Chel

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